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Why at 55 I Stopped Associating Having a Better Life with Outward Physical Appearance

Why at 55 I Stopped Associating Having a Better Life with Outward Physical Appearance

Helping others, as I discovered at the late age of 53, with their health and wellbeing is a very powerful experience. I’m sure at 56 Mother Teresa had a happier life than Pamela Anderson. Look at Marilyn Monroe who never made it past 35.

You won’t see me marketing “get a hot Summer body”, ever. That’s for the short sighted, the temporary thinkers, and attracts glitter and transience that fades come Fall when your motivation goes with the warm weather and sweaters and the Halloween candy and overeating reappear.

In my business, I promote longevity, and quality of life, so you can grow old healthfully to watch your children (and grandchildren) grow up.

So I earn a living helping people learn sustainable habits through healthy diet and time saving, strength training exercises that promote longevity and quality of life. The fringe benefits of looking good is an added factor but not what I promote to an over 40 clientele.

I began to prioritize other factors that are more important to me. For example, as with myself, you may have realized that your appearance does not determine your happiness or success in life. Ignore the glitter chasers who come and go, and focus on your source of REAL connection which starts with health and meaningful relationships with others.

Additionally, you may have recognized the societal pressure and unrealistic beauty standards that exist, and decided that it is not healthy or productive to base your self-worth on your appearance. You may have learned to appreciate and value yourself for who you are as a person, regardless of what you look like.

It's also possible that you have gone through experiences or challenges in life that have helped you to develop a deeper understanding of what truly matters. Some of you recall a few years back I was overly preoccupied with training for fitness competitions and chasing titles, crowns, and trophies, of which many a baseball game of my young son’s I missed so that I could be on a treadmill instead.

I fell prey to believing in the relevance of these things far beyond what they really were. I hurt my life, my finances, my career and my body. You may have realized that relationships, personal growth, and experiences are more important than superficial qualities like appearance.

Ultimately, the reasons for why I stopped associating having a better life with what I looked like are unique to me as they would be unique to you, and may be influenced by a variety of factors. It's important to continue to prioritize one’s own values and beliefs and to not let societal pressures dictate how we view ourselves and our lives; even right here in LA, particularly The Bubble, where stereotypes are often reinforced.

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