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About Manhattan Beach Fitness 

I have been working with Angela for four months now. In that time I have lost body fat and I've upped my strength. We are currently working on re-comping my body at 40 years old. She is awesome and knowledgeable in what she does. I highly recommend her.

- Mike L.


NASM-CPT, Certified Group Personal Trainer, CPR/AED certified and former NPC Masters Bikini Bodybuilding Competitor.

Angela Amiri started working with an IFBB pro fitness coach and 2x Olympian at age 47, to overhaul diet and fitness after years of fad dieting that led to a 'skinny fat' look at 5'3" and 116lbs.
 Through ditching paid diet programs requiring special food or following "points" without being educated on the science behind gimmicky methods, as well as unlearning poor gym technique that resulted in little physical improvement, Angela was taught how bioavailability of certain foods eating a high protein diet and tracking macronutrients could rapidly alter body composition in a sustainable way. Customized meal plans further accelerated this process. 
In just one year of following a proper weight training routine highlighting specific muscle groups in conjunction with tracking set ratios of proteins/fats and carbs, Angela overhauled her entire physique. She went on at age 50 to enter and place top 3 in the largest regional NPC bikini bodybuilding competition in the USA in her class. 

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