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How Does Insulin Trigger Fat Storage?

How does Insulin trigger fat storage?

Insulin triggers fat storage by signaling the body to store excess glucose (sugar) in the form of triglycerides in fat cells. This helps to regulate blood sugar levels, providing a reserve source of energy that can be used when needed. When insulin levels are high, it signals the body to take up glucose from the bloodstream, promoting the synthesis of triglycerides and inhibiting the breakdown of fat in adipose tissue. The stored fat can then be used for energy during periods of low insulin levels, such as between meals or during exercise.

Don’t want excess sugar converting to triglycerides which creates fat? Regulate your carb quality by minimizing carbs high in sugar, starch, gluten and carbs comprised of alcohol sugars and keep your insulin levels steady but slightly low, focusing more in lean protein and complex low GI carbs and healthy fats instead.

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