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Healthy Habits, 4 Weeks to Wellness

An absolute game changer for women over 40  around the world seeking longevity and better health through nutrition and fitness.


Your one time purchase renews every 4 weeks as a subscription for your Healthy Habits journey! Cancel anytime and your plan stops at the end of your billing cycle. 

Healthy Habits, 4 Weeks to Wellness



For the individual seeking a combination of Nutrition and Fitness Coaching Online

Valid until canceled

This program includes:


A 16 page PDF download of Healthy Habits Fitness tracking, habit stacking tools to shift your daily habits toward better overall health and diet. Full of holistic nutrition advice, tracking tools, weight loss tips, and more. 


Grocery Shopping suggestions featuring a breakdown of proteins, fats and carbs that are low glycemic,  high fiber and will keep your blood sugar levels steady while providing balanced nutrition for muscle gain and fat loss. 


2 suggested high protein meal plans for 4 weeks worth of meals,  allowing  restaurant adaptability and a check list for making sure you are drinking enough water each day. 


Your personalized daily protein and carb goals set based upon your height, weight, age, and activity level. 


Access to a growing library of online workout videos,  adaptable for home or gym, targeting upper and lower muscle groups and full body strength conditioning.


Personalized weekly coach weigh-ins with Angela Anne, NASM CPT by email, and daily calorie/protein calculations for fat loss. Receive weekly coaching and support to keep you on track during the 4 week program.


30-minute Zoom Q&A sessions, and a supportive community chat led by Angela.


Follow the plan diligently to shed 5-10 pounds in your first month while building lean muscle. Transform your life with Angela's Healthy Habits Program!

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