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This package is for the individual looking for a specific meal plan to follow. We can assist you in reaching your goals through weekly adjustments to the meal plan based off current body composition and end goals. This package offers a customized meal plan based off the clients taste preferences and lifestyle. It includes weekly check-ins for accountability, along with weekly adjustments to your plan to best help you achieve your goals. This package can be combined with our live personal training package for faster weight loss results. A questionnaire will be sent to you at the time of purchase for you to fill out in order to get started.


Price Options
Monthly Program
$199.00every month for 3 months
  • This is a non refundable, non transferable service provided in three month increments. We perform much of the work customizing your meal plan by incorporating your specific desired foods, into a meal plan with nutritional and caloric needs that provide a well balanced diet while allowing you to lose weight or gain muscle, based upon your preference. 

    While we suggest you stay on plan or email us once per week requesting modifications to some of your plan, your plan is created once you approve the first draft, and it is up to you to follow the plan in conjunction with a fitness routine to achieve your goals. 

    Should you choose not to follow your meal plan or perform your weekly coach check ins, your subscription will cancel at the end of the three month contract. At no time during your three month commitment do we provide refunds.  Your unique plan takes hours to create and modify although as a courtesy we divide these costs across three months in order to make a meal plan more affordable to all clients. 

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