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Join the Fit Over 40 Community's "Healthy Habits Challenge" starting on November 1, 2023. Experience in-person cardio workouts and optional group meetups in Manhattan Beach, led by NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Angela Anne.


Benefit from 2 High Protein Meal Plans with restaurant adaptability and suggested grocery lists. Enjoy 6 Online Weight-Based Workouts, personalized Weekly Weigh-Ins, and daily calorie/protein calculations for fat loss.


Stay motivated with weekly check-ins, 30-minute Zoom Q&A sessions, and a supportive community chat led by Angela. Follow the plan diligently to shed 5-8 pounds in your first month while building lean muscle. Transform your life with Fit Over 40's "Healthy Habits Challenge!

Healthy Habits Challenge

Price Options
Healthy Habits
For 10% off use Code "EARLYBIRD10" - Ends October 20th
$400.00every month until canceled
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